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Performance Tire Service Co., Inc. began in 1978 as  Blackburn Racing Inc., a privateer racing team competing in SCCA amateur road racing.  Founded by Logan Blackburn, a 3-time SCCA National Champion, the corporation was formed to handle the ever-increasing business aspects of competitive racing.


In 1979, with the support of Nissan, Blackburn Racing entered the professional racing ranks in the GTU class of IMSA.  At this time, Steve Butz joined the corporation and partnered with Blackburn.  Logan drove, Steve was crew chief and with help from friends the team competed successfully against the multiple car factory teams of Toyota and Mazda.


During that season, Bridgestone was just entering the American road racing scene.  The Blackburn Racing Datsun 280ZX ran two events on Bridgestone tires and established small ties with the Japanese tire giant.  It was at this time that Steve approached Bridgestone with the idea that Blackburn Racing would be interested in distributing if Bridgestone decided to create a race tire network within the US


When Nissan support ended, Blackburn Racing remained dormant for nearly a year and a half before being contacted by Bridgestone about distributing racing tires.


Blackburn Racing was granted distribution rights to the central portion of the U.S. and the tire business began.  It started with a pick-up, fifth wheel trailer and one full-time employee.  The first race was an SCCA National race at Grattan Raceway in Michigan.  There were no tires to sell - it was an opportunity to talk to the competitors about the future.  By the end of the season, Blackburn had a 25% market share in the classes they could fit and had racers competing on street stock Bridgestone RE71's.   The first season at the SCCA RunOffs in Atlanta, Blackburn’s racers won 2 of the 4 SCCA Showroom Stock National Championships on street stock Bridgestone tires.


Over the next several years, Blackburn’s clients won multiple SCCA National titles.  Blackburn Racing was the only Bridgestone distributor to win National titles in every year Bridgestone participated.


In 1988, Blackburn Racing took over the west coast Bridgestone distributorship.  By the end of 1992, Blackburn Racing was the sole distributor for Bridgestone racing tires nationwide.  It was at this time Bridgestone purchased Firestone.  It was well known that Bridgestone/Firestone was about to enter the IndyCar arena.  Due to Blackburn’s dedication to the job, their professional demeanor and desire to promote Bridgestone product, they were selected to assume the entire race tire distribution and specialized marketing functions for Bridgestone nation-wide.


The name was later changed to Performance Tire Service Co. to better represent the scope of the business.  Performance Tire has been working with Bridgestone and Firestone for over 28 years.  They currently handle the logistics and mounting/balancing of Firestone racing tires in the Verizon IndyCar series,  operate several marketing road shows, distribute motorcycle racing tires, and assist with many other events including the MotoGP’s.


The nearly 50 employees of Performance Tire Service Co. are hardworking, dedicated people and are very proud to represent this company and all our associates.

Blackburn Datsun 280ZX #85

1994 Tire Test at IMS

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